Jan 4, 2015

Werkkzeug 4 CE Final release


It's been a long time since I didn't post any news about werkzeug4CE.
So I've got bad and good news :

Bad one, is that I decided to stop to dev for werkzeug4CE, so no more new features planned.

Good one, is that I decided to work on my own tool, reusing the famous operators stacking concept used in werkkzeug.

I really learned by working on this wz4 mod, thanks to chaos, ryg, kb, reEto and others farbrausch guys for this amazing tool. But fact now, is that I want a more personnal version of the tool and to play with differents technologies, technical choices and possibilities. it would require a major overhaul of the wz4 code, some big clean and changes etc..., so I prefered to start from scratch with my own project to get a full control over all aspects.

This is the end but a restart too. I already started to work on my tool and I have big ideas to exploit, it could be really intersting. So wait and see.

I want to thanks everyone who helps me, especially Skinnytorus for his help and intensive testing/debugging sessions, it was very usefull to help me to build wz4ce. I think we made a good work, werkzeug4CE is a really good 3D tool :lol:

But now it's time to turn the page. So stay tuned...

Note :

Here the latest and final release features that I made on werkkzeug4CE and available for download.

- New light operator (single transformable light)
- Extended number of light max per scene
- New physx implementation (better support of node transformations and new physx supported features)
- New particles effects
- Physx particles operator (prototype)
- New 3D model loader with assimp library, support now many 3D files format (see: Assimp )
- And many bug fixes.

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