Nov 24, 2013

Is it already Christmas ?


After months of preparation it's finally here : the complete werkkzeug4 CE tutorial.

Textures, meshes, materials, shaders, animation, script, physx, post-process, beats, splines, lights, particles and many more... All Werkkzeug4 features are covered in this tutorial, you will learn to use all the features in detail, all secrets are revealed, probably the most complete werkkzeug4 tutorial in the world :)

Big thanks to Skinnytorus for this amazing work. Credit also goes to Farbrausch for their numerous examples and to Drompeter for his high detailed texture samples.

Good news never comes alone, and we proudly present the latest official release of werkkzeug4 CE :

Werkkzeug4 CE 1.15

some of  the new features :
  • Many bugs and crash fixes
  • ModMaterial shader is now editable to boost the power of wz4 materials
  • New amazing operators : DisplaceTwist, DisplaceSinWave, Refract, WaterPlane
  • Physx improvements

See changes.txt for details.

Don't wait and jump to the download page.

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