Sep 4, 2013


Hello all,

I'm Ikam and I am the founder of the Werkkzeug4 CE project.

I am a regular werkkzeug4 user, and I use it as a primary 3D tool in my digital art projects. I am also an experienced developer and a big fan of 3D. I have helped to fix bugs and added new features to werkkzeug4 since farbrausch released its source code.

Together with some other werkkzeug4 fans I decided to make a fork of the werkkzeug4 project to be independent from the original github repository created by farbrausch demo group (the creators of werkkzeug4, see Features page).

Why did I do that?
- To be able to change or integrate new features not necessarily in line with farbrausch members' vision. For example, add some external libraries, what I've done by integrating the physX engine into wz4.

We are also interested in promoting this tool outside the demoscene. Unlike most of the 3D software around it's a truly complete procedural REAL TIME CG environment: from texture generation to image post-processing. Besides, it is extremely intuitive: you feel absolutely at home after several hours of practice. All that makes wz4 my tool of choice in visualizing my own fantasies. Next-to-zero render times – absolutely perfect!

The project source code and build instructions are available at github, and if you want to help us develop this tool in any possible way, you are perfectly welcome.

If you're new to werkkzeug4, stay tuned: soon you gonna find tons of useful information, tutorials and examples here.



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